Torque Calibration Services

Metcal Calibration is accredited to ISO 17025 for calibration of Torque Meters to BS 7882 and Torque Wrenches to ISO 6789, giving customers confidence in their Torque Meters and Torque Wrenches accuracy.

Calibration capability : 0 to 2,000 N.m
Torque calibration services are normally done in Metcal Laboratory within 7 days, or On-Site.

Expedited Torque Calibration Services
Metcal can provide same-day service or overnight service.

Accuracy Adjustment
Metcal can provide “As Left” equipment accuracy adjustment to within acceptable specifications.

  • Torque Analyzer calibration
  • Torque Calibrator calibration
  • Torque Calibration System calibration
  • Torque Cap Tester calibration
  • Torque Checker calibration
  • Torque Driver calibration
  • Torque Gauge calibration
  • Torque Meter calibration
  • Torque Multiplier calibration
  • Torque Nut Runner calibration
  • Torque Screwdriver calibration
  • Torque Tester calibration
  • Torque Tool calibration
  • Torque Tool Tester calibration
  • Torque Transducer calibration
  • Torque Wrench calibration

Common Torque calibration include : Aikoh, Armstrong, Atlas Copco, Bestool-Kanon, Beta, Britool, CAT, CDI Torque, Cedar, Chatillon, Dynastop, Elora, Enerpac, Facom, Gedore, Hi-Force, HIOS, Imada, Ingersollrand, Interface, Kilews, King Toyo, Kobalt, Mark 10, Mecmesin, Mountz, Norbar, Promax, Proto, SATA, Sears, SecurePak, Shimpo, Snap-On, Stahlwille, Sturtevant Richmont, Tecnogi, Tekton, Tohnichi, Toptul, Torqueleader, Wiha, Wright Tool.

Torque Inspection & Testing Services
Metcal can provide Torque measurement of engineered parts, machine ensuring correct tightening to specification.

  • SI Traceable
  • ILAC MRA Signatories
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited
  • Accuracy Adjustment
  • Equipment Service, Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
  • Metcal Laboratory Calibration
  • On-Site, Customer Site Calibration
  • Same-Day, Urgent Calibration
  • Understanding Basic Calibration
  • Hand’s-On Calibration Process
  • Measurement Uncertainty