Force Calibration Services

Metcal Calibration is accredited to ISO 17025 for calibration of Force Gauges to ISO 7500, giving customers confidence in their Force Gauges accuracy.

Calibration capability : 0 to 100,000 N
Force calibration services are normally done in Metcal Laboratory within 7 days, or On-Site.

Expedited Force Calibration Services
Metcal can provide same-day service or overnight service.

Accuracy Adjustment
Metcal can provide “As Left” equipment accuracy adjustment to within acceptable specifications.

  • Durometer calibration
  • Dynamometer calibration
  • Force Gauge calibration
  • Force Sensor calibration
  • Force Transducers
  • Hardness Tester calibration
  • Load Cell calibration
  • Peel Force Tester calibration
  • Push-Pull Gauge calibration
  • Tensile Tester calibration
  • Tension Gauge calibration
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM) calibration

Common Force calibration include : Affri, Aikoh, Ametek, Asker, Chatillon, Defelsko, Dillon, Enerpac, Hi-Force, HIOS, Imada, Ingersollrand, Instron, Interface, King, Labthink, Lutron, Mark 10, Matsuzawa, Mecmesin, Mitutoyo, Morehouse, Novotest, Omega, Proceq, Shimadzu, Shimpo, Sinowon, Starrett, Sundoo, Teclock, Testometric, Thwing-Albert, Time, Wilson, Zwick Roell.

Force Inspection & Testing Services
Metcal can provide Force measurement of engineered parts, machine ensuring correct force applied to specification.

  • SI Traceable
  • ILAC MRA Signatories
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited
  • Accuracy Adjustment
  • Equipment Service, Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
  • Metcal Laboratory Calibration
  • On-Site, Customer Site Calibration
  • Same-Day, Urgent Calibration
  • Understanding Basic Calibration
  • Hand’s-On Calibration Process
  • Measurement Uncertainty