Pressure Calibration 0.001 Pa to 250 MPa

Metcal_Pressure Calibration

Pressure is defined as a force acting evenly over a given area. This force can be exerted by liquids, gases, vapors or by solid bodies. SI unit for pressure is Pascal (Pa).

Absolute Pressure – measured with reference to the pressure that exists in a full vacuum. Pressure at complete vacuum is zero; measure vapor pressure of liquids, check leakage in pumps, tanks etc.

Gauge Pressure – measured with reference to the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level. Gauge pressure is positive when it is more than atmospheric pressure, and negative when it is lesser than atmospheric pressure. Widely used in oil & gas and various processing plants, industries.

Differential Pressure – measure the difference between two pressure readings. For monitoring filtration, liquid level and flow in clean rooms, refineries, oil & gas, chemical and power plants.

Drift occurs due to temperature fluctuation, material degradation, electronic ageing, misapplication, over tightening etc. The only way to know it has drifted is through calibration.

Metcal can provide ISO 17025 accredited pressure calibration from 0.001 Pa to 250 MPa.

Value-added service options include Accuracy adjustment, Premium 1-Day turnaround available.

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