How flat is your Granite Surface Plate?

Granite Surface Plates provide measuring datum and best reference plane for work inspection. Their high degree of flatness, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low water absorption and non-magnetic feature – they are used in QA/QC laboratories and engineering workshops.

Flatness variation occurs from dust abrasion embed between the surface plate and workpiece causing wear, improper usage, unstable temperature/humidity environment or use of strong cleaning solution. It is imperative that your granite surface plates are calibrated periodically, more frequently for workshop or under heavy usage conditions.

Metcal can provide on-site granite surface plate calibration services for Local Error and Overall Flatness, accredited up to 1800 mm x 1800 mm, with best calibration uncertainty of ±1.3 μm.

Granite Surface Plate calibration is accredited to ISO 17025 – based on JIS B 7513 Standard. BS 817, DIN 876 and Federal Specification GGG-P-463C Standards available upon request.

Value-added service includes flatness resurfacing by powderless lapping techniques to restore your granite surface plate to be within Grade 0 or Grade AA tolerance.

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