External Micrometer Calibration – making them fit

External Micrometer or Outside Micrometer is an industry measuring tool commonly found in engineering workshops. They are very precise, able to measure accurate outside diameter from 0.01 mm, 0.001 mm to 0.0001 mm.

Can Seam Micrometer – measure edge height of can seams
U-Shape Frame Sheet Metal Micrometer – measure steel sheets
Tooth Thickness Micrometer – measure root tangent length of gears
V-Anvil Micrometer – measure diameter of cylinders with odd-numbered flutes
Fixed Anvil Type Screw Thread Micrometer – measure pitch diameter of threads

External micrometer’s accuracy degrade over time, typically caused by normal wear and tear, mechanical shock, handling, environment and storage conditions.

Grade zero, ceramic gauge blocks are used to calibrate scale accuracy due to their thermal properties and accuracy. Readings should repeat within the specification limits.

Optical flats and optical parallels are used to check the flatness and parallelism by reading optical fringe patterns under monochromatic light source.

Metcal can provide ISO 17025 accredited external micrometer calibration services, up to 500 mm, with best calibration uncertainty +/-0.5 μm – based on JIS B 7502 standard. ASME B89.1.13 standard available upon request.

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