Need FASTER Solution?

METCAL has been serving the pharmaceutical, medical device industries for over 20 years. Offering equipment, process validation services (IQ/OQ/PQ) and mapping services for temperature, humidity, pressure and carbon dioxide.

METCAL solution includes drafting, processing development, executing validation protocols and thorough quality review of the final documentation. Our team of trained, experienced validation specialist complement to your in-house validation activities and provide customer confidence in your operation is qualified to the highest possible standard.


Autoclave, Chiller, Clean Room, Cold Room, -20°C / -80°C Freezer, Humidity Chamber, Incubator, LN2 Tank, Refrigerator, Stability Chamber, Sterilizer, Warehouse etc.

HIGHLIGHTS Autoclave, Retort Validation – Keeping Your Products Safe

Thermally Process Low-Acid Foods and Acidified Low-Acid Foods in Hermetically Seal Containers

Moist Heat Autoclave, Retort, F-Value Studies

Mapping of Temperature, Humidity Controlled Enclosure, Warehouse