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Founded in 1996, METCAL Technologies was established from a 2-man company into one of the leading calibration and repair service solution providers in scientific and industrial sectors in the nation today. With relentless research on developing calibration methods, Metcal Technologies has expanded to 5 laboratories, providing calibration and repair for a wide range of instruments, covering dimensional, mass, thermometry, electrical, analytical and other scopes (please refer here for a complete list of scopes).

Many years of studies and research have rewarded Metcal Technologies with a Standards Malaysia MS ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and the recognition of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). These extensive experiences and accumulated capital investment over the years have enabled Metcal to remain at a competitive edge among other calibration firms, delivering accurate and quality service to clients with confidence.

Metcal Technologies also offer inspection and repair service to minimize clients’ hassle in maintaining their instruments. As most of the instruments naturally drifts and its components deteriorates over time, it is necessary to calibrate instruments at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer. Understanding the need, Metcal Technologies also offer professional service to inspect and conduct accuracy tests for customers, offering options for calibration or spare parts replacement.

Apart from calibration and repair, Metcal Technologies also offer other services like training, workshops, third party testing, instrument setup, laboratory setup and more.